Welcome to the official housing website for the Premier Incoming Freshman Tournament in Springfield, Missouri, June 25th till June 30th, 2019.

Reservation deadline has passed please call (602) 277-0593 to request an individual room or block of rooms!

This is a “Stay for Play” tournament and all housing must be done via this website. The only teams exempt are local teams within 50 miles of Springfield. Exemptions will be granted by the Tournament Director.

Reservations can be made by scrolling down this page to the hotel “room search” form. Complete the form and all available hotels will be listed after you double click the “Search” button.  You will be able to see exactly how many and which type of rooms are available. You will also be able to see all of the features of each hotel as well as their locations and pricing. 

Should you modify your search by adding or reducing the number or type of rooms needed, other hotels may or may not be available as this is a live room count software system.  Your hotel choice will be confirmed instantly by email and a link will be provided within that email to help your parents book their individual rooms.

Please note: You must submit valid credit card information which will be used to secure (at a minimum) your first night’s stay. Rooms will not be held without this information. Everyone will abide by the Hotel’s cancellation policy.  It is the responsibility and liability of the person making the reservations to inform everyone in their room block of these policies. A complete rooming list, and or completion of parent block, is required by May 21, 2019 or within 7 days from receiving your hotel confirmation email, whichever is later.  A rooming list form will be provided upon request.

    Reservation Deadline: May 18, 2019

Reservations made after May 18th are subject to the hotel’s approval. Rooms may not be available at the same rates.

CANCELLATION POLICIES for all of the hotels are generally 24 – 48 hours in advance for individual reservations. Individual confirmations from the hotel will reflect the exact policy. 


Coaches:  Please note some hotels have different criteria for earned stays, please contact us if this is a concern prior to reserving your block.

Thank you for choosing to support these local hotels, we look forward to seeing you in Springfield!